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  • 31/10/2012

    Capitalists at work, again

    Normal service to be resumed shortly when working hours reduced to less than 18 a day....



    New Nukes, allegedly!

    Get well soon Mr Drew. Sadly for today regular readers will have to put up with my interpretation of events in the world of energy which is somewhat slightly less informed and slightly more strident than our regular poster, Nick Drew. But the Government is very over-excited today that Horizon, a German vehicle to build nuclear power stations has actually been sold to Hitachi of Japan. They are even paying a £1 billion for the privilege and have signed up Babcocks and Rolls-Royce as partners. With the UK energy policy in a complete mess, this could be the way out the Government was


    The living wage fallacy

    When are you poor or not? This is a favourite topic of our class obsessed media and even more a favourite topics of right on left wing political think tanks. Fresh from the success of pushing the 'relative poverty' mantra about a sate of poverty that could never be esapced even if you made the lowest paid multi-millionaires, we now have the 'living wage' concept.  20% of people are too underpaid, amazing how the statistics come up with an 80//20 division eh? Are the



    Best TV Moment For Quite A While

    On the subject of TV:  for this moment alone (Thick Of It, finale, 20:50 onwards - what ensemble acting !) I could almost forgive the BBC everything. Almost. ND


    Double O 7 1/2 out of 10

    I have been won over by Daniel Craig after Skyfall. I remember a critic (Charles Spencer, I think) describing the shock of the new thuggish Bond rather brilliantly when reviewing his first outing in Casino Royale, something along the lines of:"many of us prefer our Bonds to be able to save the world with a well-placed Bollinger cork in the workings of an atomic bomb, whilst smoking sobranie cigarettes and indulging in a lot of boisterous rogering; the new Bond behaves in the way you might expect



    I used to think this was i’m not so sure.

    I think TV might be on the way out. Not so much the medium of television but the actual television set. When I started to look at blogs I was quite surprised to find there seemed to be a large number of people who didn't own a Television. This seemed..well..weird. Like not owning a phone. Or a microwave. Or a bed. Modern conveniences are not expensive. Only 30 years ago television was expensive enough that specialist shops rented them out to our parents. Now Tv, like all modern gadgets has a


    Capitalists@Work 2012-10-25 15:17:00

    David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Slough.  He is joined by a panel comprising Anti-business secretary, tortoise lookalike Vince Cable,  shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry,{ultimate Islington Champagne socialist. Although she is very sensible for a former TGWU foreperson. She sends her two children to a highly rated selective school outside the borough. Told you she was sensible.} Claire Perry,{Tory class of 2010. Don't know much about her except she wants to end porn on the internet. } UKIP deputy leader Paul 'Nuts' Nuttall


    The 1%

    The 1% The Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirmed a return to growth of 1% over the three months following a 0.4% contraction in GDP in the previous period.


    Stop QE and raise UK interest rates

    QE is not working, we have tried this now for several years, since 2010. Every time the UK tries it the effect gets less and less - the law of diminishing returns. Worse the more we continue the more likely people will realise the fallacy of pretend money printed to help the Government keep the deficit rising. There is no plan for paying back QE. I have asked several of the leading economists in the City in recent days and all are baffled by the answer. Some say it will be run off, others that it will be monetised. Not one



    Bill Sykes and Fagin

    When I saw this picture of the Opposition front bench, obviously enjoying Dave's deep discomfort over Europe yesterday, I immediately thought of Bill Sykes and Fagin. Lest anyone lefty liberal is tempted to accuse me of anti-semitism, let me say that it was the thuggish countenance of Balls that brought the pair to mind. And Miliband would make a fine Fagin, given his attraction to other people's money and, well, he's no matinee idol, is he?Do I need to patent this caricature of the two Eds? I see it