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  • 17/09/2013

    Couldn’t Agree More

    Wiki manRory Sutherland: A mansion tax that monkeys would understand2 Comments



    Worth the Licence Fee

    The Wipers Times - did you see it last night? Beeb 2. Absolutely outstanding. Wonderfully acted (who had heard of Ben Chaplin, apart from his mother and his agent, until last night?), brilliantly scripted, laugh out loud funny and genuinely moving without a grain of sentimentality.Three cheers for Ian Hislop and Nick Newman. Hislop has done some outstanding documentaries in his time but isn't particularly funny, either in the Eye or on HIGNFY. This short film is a gem, though. Black humour at its best,



    Nearest Thing to a Book Review

    Two firsts to announce at the start: I’ve never willingly read girlie fiction before, nor have I ever reviewed a book (unless A Level critical essays count). Girlie fiction, if it can be crudely simplified, is fiction written by girls (or an effeminate bloke, I suppose) for girls (or other effeminate blokes, I suppose). Let’s agree for the sake of brevity that it’s girlie stuff written by girls for girls. Or women for women.