Man in pink shirt 18/08/2011

From Fudge to enlightenment

I have a dog called Fudge. He’s a chocolate-coloured working cocker spaniel. For the non doggy-minded, that’s a breed, somewhat longer and slightly taller than a regular cocker, and much much madder. Sort of like a mini springer.


While I don’t ‘work’ him, hence the tail, he clearly still has the instinct and loves nothing more than flushing out pheasants at home.  He’ll disappear off into the undergrowth, nose down, tail wagging like a helicopter rotor, and suddenly there will be a mad flurry of feathers, followed by an excitable high pitched bark.

I find walking Fudge on the beach at Constantine Bay the most enlightening of activities. It’s a time when the thought buds burst and the creative juices flow, watching him express his character and celebrate his freedom and energy. We would do well to learn.

It got me thinking about fundamental truths that I’ve learned through time and experience. Truths that are part of our very nature and yet which need to be learned and re-learned for them to stick. Because the world tosses all sorts of counter theories at us, day after day, in a very compelling and often honey-dipped fashion, making it all the harder to cling on to what we know.

So I thought I’d document my learnings. I can hardly call them laws, like Newton’s Laws of Motion. Nor indeed theories, like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. What better to call this motley collection of learnings through my life than Trigger’s Truths. Get ready for some treats, from the sublime to the ridiculous and the weird to the wonderful.

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