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  • 17/10/2011

    Thatcher’s Britain

    Thatcher's BritainRichard VinenLooking for a book that would either examine the intricacies of Thatcher's various governments, something that Andrew Rawnsley's superlative End of the Party did for Blair/Brown's cabinets, or a social commentary of a



    Conference season finally ends. Good, it was rubbish.

    Conference season is over. This underwhelming event is given great prominence in the media, making it appear a national issue rather than the local one which it really is. Parties have a conference for the same reason corporations do. To let different strands of the organisation meet each other. To woo backers and clients. To give a veneer of a voice to people who don't normally get one. To boost morale. To present some new ideas that



    War of All Against All

    In the heady days when Ed Miliband was energy secretary, he vowed he would make it socially unacceptable to oppose windfarms. He failed. Now, ministers have declared war on charities that seek to thwart their puny wills on planning matters. Did you ever hear anything that smacked more of a losing argument ? There are many charities whose entire raison d'être is to put a rocket up the governmental backside. I look at



    Expanding the TA: must be done right

    David Cameron reckons the expansion of the numbers of the Territorial Army that can be deployed on operations is something to boast about - as opposed to getting defence on the cheap, which might be suspected. "Our plan to increase the trained strength of our Territorial Army from 14,000 to around 40,000 in the next few years is something that all Conservatives can