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  • 09/04/2013

    Thatcher 2.0

    Of all the nice and nasty things said about Margaret Thatcher since the sad news of her death yesterday, we that she was a driven woman who knew her own mind and had a desire to get things done. Right or Left she was a woman of action. Equally unanimous is the derision for the current leaders of Cameron, Clegg and Milliband for their uniformly weaselly approach to politics which allows strong positions only to be taken on minor or non-issues like



    On Marginal Tax Rates

    Apologies for a very pedantic piece on a Monday morning, but someone has to raise it. Today is the first day of the next tax year and so there is some play in the media about the various tax effects of the budget and previous budget as to what all of those who may be due pay some tax may experience in their wage packets. Much of the discussion, as one would expect, is around who wins and who loses and indeed who got

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    Parliamentary Standards Commission into the BOE/Treasury?

    The HBOS leadership team is roundly and rightly condemned for the horrendous mess they made of HBOS. Under their watch a stable, non-investment bank was turned into a leverage monster which has blown up to a cost of something like £25 billion to UK taxpayers and now helps play a key role in crippling Lloyds and holding back our economic growth. As I have said many times before, what has been done should be a crime and these men should be facing a long stretch in chokey - luckily for them the inept system that we have for tracking white



    What happened to the COE and are they right?

    Once up on a time, the Church of England was considered the Tory Party at prayer. No longer, now instead we have a whole Easter weekend given over to hand-wringing by the COE about potential welfare cuts and harming the poorest in society. The leftie take-over of the church is complete, even if it is run by an Etonian. I don't know how this came to pass, less do I care how it has happened,  except to note that the Catholic leader was more concerned with the meaning of Easter and the Jewish and Islamic leaders have chosen not to get



    Cyprus; the penny drops

    Just in case the citizens of Europe were in any doubt about who is in charge and what their fate maybe, the EU decision to try and impose a 9.9% levy on Cypriots - via closing down their banking system, will perhaps wake a few more people up to the ugly reality. In a fatally flawed move the EU is trying to get Cyrpus to pay for 50% of its own bailout directly from its tax payers. No doubt this will be

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    BEastleigh UKIP

    The last time I can recall voting it was for some guy called Boris Johnson to be Mayor of London and for a UKIP candidate in the assembly vote. It's sometime ago as I have not lived in London for a few years now! So one would think I would be happy at the UKIP vote in the Eastleigh by-election - but in reality this is still a very damp squib. For the simple truth is who exactly were people to vote for in



    Italy Election: could it ever happen to the UK?

    The markets across Europe have taken sharp falls following the announcement of inital results from the Italian election. The incredible Senor Silvio Berlusconi has come back from allegations of impropriety that would surely have finished him off in almost any other democracy. The Left have appointed a former communist in Bersani and then there is the new protest party of Bepe Grillo - none of them have enough of the votes to be in Government or lead a majority Government. Mario Monti's centrist party got just 10%. What this tells me is that Italians are deeply frustrated with their politicians, not that surprising



    Tax has to be taxing these days!

    Ed Milliband speaks to Vince Cable Is it just me or has the UK gone totally potty? Years ago, not that many, there was a consensus that you could tax the rich, but pushing it too far would be counter-productive. Now we just have more outrageous proposal after more outrageous proposal - with all the Political parties joining into say how much the rich should pay. Think of the poor people on benefits they say - what of them. The thing is, its the maths that sticks

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    Darling or Osborne?

    It's come to a pretty pass that we can even think about having a debate about who is the better Chancellor of the two chancers named above. 'Badger' Darling presided over the most excessive boom and bust this Country had seen in generations, even putting the Great Depression to the test. Bullied by the politically driven insanity of Gordon Brown to spend as much money as possible, raise taxes and allow the Banks to do anything as long as they paid large tax revenues, Darling oversaw total catastrophe in 2008.



    MP’s Pay. Bill Quango responds to CityUnslicker

    Its not easy being an MP you know.And as you said earlier CU, the salary is pitiful.Just £65,738 + £3,000 for each seat on a committee & £10k for each Quango chairmanship. Then there's the coveted cabinet position that brings an extra £68,827 to the pot. I suppose there are some minor fringe benefits. A free house with full profits from the sale. Free household items; loo roll, toothbrush, vase and plinth, bathplug, bookcase, trampoline, canteen of cutlery, table lamps, dishcloth, tea towel, flat

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