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  • 18/08/2011

    From Fudge to enlightenment

    I have a dog called Fudge. He's a chocolate-coloured working cocker spaniel. For the non doggy-minded, that's a breed, somewhat longer and slightly taller than a regular cocker, and much much madder. Sort of like a mini springer. Fudge While I don't 'work' him, hence the tail, he clearly still has the instinct and loves nothing more than flushing out pheasants at home.  He'll disappear off into the undergrowth, nose down, tail wagging like a helicopter rotor, and suddenly there will be a mad flurry of feathers, followed by an excitable

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    Up and running

    From today the Abadee blog is up and running. This is a a place where I will be sharing my thoughts, views as well as some trusted business communication tips. So please check back or sign up to get updates. Mark Triggs

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